About Us

I have an AMAZING family!  But it wasn’t always this way.  MossGirls Photography was birthed out of the need to mend a broken relationship with my oldest daughter.  When Kristin started showing signs of rebellion, I did what any concerned parent would do...I yanked her out of public school!  What was I thinking?  Who does that?  At the time, it seemed like my only option.


What began as a way to fill those long homeschooling days with educational content evolved into a mother teaching her daughter everything she knew about business...and a teenage daughter finally ready to embrace it.


MossGirls Photography allowed my daughter and I to bridge the gap - to speak the same language in regards to a passion that we both loved [photography].  By working together, we began to connect, rebuild and restore our relationship.  


Happily married for almost 25 years, Alicia says that MossGirls’ fundamental premise is HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS! MossGirls has grown!  It includes my entire family + my sister and niece.


MossGirls proudly offers a Boutique Photography Experience.