Meet The Body Confidence Expert

Alicia D

The woman dedicated to the fierce fight to change the narrative of body confidence for women around the world.

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Prepare to re-write

your narrative.

Alicia D is an advocate for women and girls.  Her work with women started 24 years ago coordinating conferences for women.  Over the last decade she has worked as a photographer and has gained a unique perspective on body confidence.  She is a trusted source on the topic writing curriculum, teaching workshops and speaking as an antidote to the perfect portrait.

In 2016, she obtained her masters degree in educational leadership.  Alicia D travels extensively throughout the states and internationally.  Her research on body confidence will be used in her upcoming book, The Geo Politics of the Black Body Experience





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Stop Shrinking:  A Body Confidence Workshop

Instructor: Alicia D

Body confidence and self-love are more than trending topics.  Instead, they are “revolutionary acts!” This class examines body confidence:  why it is needed, the benefits of it and what it costs when you don’t have it.  Students will be empowered and equipped with strategies to build and maintain a healthy body image that will serve in both personal and professional environments. 


Meeting:  Twice a week for 4 weeks (total of 8 classes- 12 hrs) 1.5 hour per class


Goal: Create awareness and educate women on the importance of Body Confidence. 

Importance of workshop:

  • 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and have plans to try to change it. 

  • 95% of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25

  • Media influences the way we think and feel about our bodies and the average adult is spending more than 12 hours a day consuming media 


Who Can Benefit from this discussion: Women in transition and at risk of low self-esteem or depression.


Course Outline

  1. Explore your right to be loved & affirmed

    1. Learn the 5 tenants of body confidence

    2. Identify the importance of “No More Shrinking”

    3. Visualize what it means to “Take Up Space”

  2. Understand the beauty industry

    1. How capitalism impacts attitudes and body confidence. 

    2. Deconstruct beauty ads 

    3. Examine body confidence myths and unattainable beauty

    4. Understand historical views of body confidence and beauty

  3. Develop strategies for taking ownership of your body

    1. Becoming comfortable in your own skin

    2. How clothes shape your perception of yourself

    3. Make power moves through body language

    4. Leaving room for intelligence and brilliance

  4. Body confidence in the workplace

    1. Explore body language etiquette

    2. Dress your body type  

    3. Practice body confidence in mock interviews