Week 1  

Understand the beauty industry and how capitalism impacts attitudes and body confidence.  

Body beauty myths

The importance of taking ownership of your body

How to make informed beauty choices


Week 2 

Develop self-care and body confidence regimes

The science of makeup - identifying product ingredients

DIY Skincare and makeup activities

Fake food and nutrition


Week 3

Explore fashion wearable technology

Robotics in beauty

Algorithms and why you need to understand them


Week 4

Career exploration. Meet girls and women in STEM.  Hear their stories and engage in activities in STEM fields.

Write a primer on the importance of body confidence in STEM


Week 5 - Optional Bonus Activity

  • America's Top Model themed Photoshoot

  • Trip to NYC Fashion Week

  • Panelist to speak on body confidence

Body Confidence platform

IB Program