Official Rules & Guidelines 
MossGirls Woman of Distinction Award
MossGirls Young Leadership Award (MYLA)
MossGirls Business/Program Development Grant

Updated: August 15, 2016

Complete applications includes two parts:


Part One - Requirement

Complete initial online application 

Upon inquiry and receipt of the initial application link, applicants have 30 days to complete their preliminary application.  


Part Two - Requirements

You will receive an email requesting a short bio and expanded explanation for why you deserve the award and use of funding (two essays)

Two references

Schedule professional photo shoot with MossGirls for the event and promotional use. MossGirls retains ALL rights to use photos in marketing materials. The session should be booked 30 - 45 days after applying for the grant.  Hair and makeup are mandatory. 


Additional Information

  • Grant & award nominees/applicants must be women who are legal citizens of the United states

  • Finalists must be able to attend the Gala Event.  Grants will not be awarded in absentia.

  • Finalists must be able to document ownership and/or membership in a legitimate business or organization for which the grant is being sought.

  • All documents must be submitted in Standard English language unless otherwise approved by the grant director.

  • Grant & award applicants agree to use grant monies in accordance with all relevant federal, state, county and local laws and ordinance if awarded.

  • Failure to submit nominees, applications and other requested information by stated deadlines will constitute withdrawal from the nominee/applicant pool.

  • Any applicable taxes, fees, or required legal documentation related to the grant is the responsibility of the grant recipient.

  • MossGirls reserves the right to clarify and define the terms outlined in the rules and regulations should they require clarification.

  • Persons affiliated with MossGirls are not eligible for nomination or application for the grant.

  • Grant & award nominees must attend event and sell 2 tickets

  • Grant & award nominees must attend luncheon (Choose either Jan 21st or February 18t - Location- Charlotte, NC)

  • Grant & award nominees agree to promote MossGirls Awards Gala in the coming year

  • Grants and awards based on the following criteria:

1. Feasibility

2. Qualification

3. Impact

4. Innovation

5. Scope

6. Readability



Rubric scoring

Requests for any additional documentation [ie charter, tax exempt status, etc (where applicable)] 

Finalists selected to attend event


*Grant and awards are subject to funding received.